Let's start from the beginning...

With industrialization and the drift from the land, consumption of goods and mechanization has meant that many handworkings, both in agriculture and breedig were replaced by tractors, combine harvesters and milking machines that became more and more sophisticated.


In 1969 the Capra family which is well known in the district to work in the construction industry, decided to diversify their business and buy the Pederbona Estate, that was just a farm at that time, with the aim to set up a livestock farming.
Indeed in 1972,the surveyor Gianni Capra, his wife Anna and Mister Franco Damotti traveled to the United States two times in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to purcahse pregnant heifers.
There are 256 pregnant heifers and three bulls that landed from the Jumbo Cargo in Malpensa airport, all of them had the complete pedigree and awards in trade fairs. Romeo was sured enough to be the "ALL AMERICA" of the year,that means the best bull of America.

The build of extensions begins with the aim to accomodate the dairy cows.
The first building reconstruction and remodeling concerned aboutthe milking parlor, the stallion in the open air paddock and the famous tower silos, together with the muckheap and a roof for the heifers.

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The activity requires new investments: in the 80s two new cattle sheds were added and today they are used to host the lactating cows.

We arrived now in the early 90s, farming techniques are changing, although the producting costs are increasing, surveyor Gianni Capra has made a difficult choice without any hesitation. The passion for this world leads him to the new and remarkable investments shared with the young, skilled and passionate surveyor Sergio Adriani who from his engagement in the building sites of the Company, leaves the meter for that pair of rubber boots which brought him day and night in the cattle sheds in touch with the animals and in the fields, always in the front line and ready to face all the challanges of this new job, that was already inside his blood from Emilia.
Therefore, he was always close to the Surveyor Gianni Capra for the choice of the technologies and deciding how to manage the logistic, spending hours and end to discuss and confront, listening to all the experts but “always thinking for themselves”, and moving around farms to understand where the technology leads.

This has brought all the constructions and expansions to form the Pederbona Estate as you can visit today.
In 1997, October 25th, Pederdona Estate opened the doors to the Regional Meeting of the Frisona (Holstein-Frisian Cattle) to the authorities and to the whole town with a real opening!

That day was a true feast for all the children and fill with enthusiasm between the experts and collegues.
The memory of that day was so alive that we decided to find a way to open the doors of the Company in a systematic way.