What is an Educational Farm?


The Educational Farms are a unique natural laboratory and a place of active pedagogy complementary to the school programs that can be used by the teachers for their work and represent an opportunity for a trip through the countryside, where the children will learn the origin of the food and understand the link between agricultural products and food, re-evaluating the social function of the farmers.

In fact, in the Educational Farms the Farmer takes a key role in the process of comunication and learning because he embodys the experience, the culture and the history of agriculture.

The Educational Farms form a chain of Farms and Farm Vacation for tourism, properly equipped, that perform the training to those who are interested in learning more about the rural world in particular schools and organized groups. The farm becoming a place of active pedagogy is based on a practical vision of learning, observation and discovery which allow visitors to learn about the agriculture in all its aspects: as an economic activity, technological, cultural, environmental. The Regione Piemonte which by law has the task of monitoring and verifying the suitability of companies and compliance with the requirements, runs promotional activities and communication (using a corporate logo identification: "Teaching Farms of Regione Piemonte").After a depth supervision, it established the Regional Register of Educational Farms that provides the promotion and spread of rural culture in schools and among consumers.

The credit, which has been given by the Regione Piemonte to the Educational Farms, has the necessary requirements of safety, hygiene and health standards, logistics, consistent standard in the training and refreshing courses of the operators, hospitality standards, as well as the spelled out in the Charter of Commitments and Quality, signed the 14th September 2002.
The Regional Register of Educational Farms is a valuable tool that the Authorities which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding, provide to the schools and families with helping the choice of the services and courses for the re-discovery of the values of the world of agriculture and rural life.

The Region has also developed a full guide of the Educational Farms, which includes descriptions of all the farms in Piemonte: 227 companies throughout the region, in the eight districts.